Dr. Britta

Senior Consultant (Freelancer)

Britta builds bridges between functions and cultures, between classic and agile ways of working, across hierarchies. With 20 years of leadership and consulting experience, she enables communication and collaboration on a whole new level.

My Style

well-founded – unpretentious – diplomatic

Working Languages

german – english

How to reach me



My Passion

“The map is not the landscape”: Each of us looks at the organizations and people we work with from a very unique perspective. Our maps are shaped by our own experiences and beliefs, but also by (corporate) culture and relationships. I regularly experience development when people begin to redraw their maps: in large transformation processes, together in a team or in individual coaching. This is where “aha!” moments occur, when people discover shortcuts or forks in the road and often find new paths to each other. This is exactly what I go out for every day with enthusiasm.

What I can do for you


  • Organisational development
  • Change Management
  • Organisational Design


  • Learning Journeys
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Coaching
  • New Work Trainings
  • Programme and project manager coaching
  • Coaching for agile leadership

Team Development

  • Executive Team Coaching
  • Team development


Experience in strategic management from industry and top management consulting since 2001

Own leadership experience in industry, e.g. leading strategy, leading organizational development, leading complex international transformation programs

Extensive international experience (Europe, USA, Middle East, India)

B.A. European Business

International MBA with specialization in international change management

Doctorate in leading globally distributed teams in product development

Professional Training

Certified Business Coach, Member of the German Federal Coaching Association (DBVC)

Scrum Master (PSM I, PSM II)

Design Thinker

Co-Creative Facilitator

Coach for agile leadership (Coaching Society)