Senior Consultant (Freelancer)

Claudia grasps topics and problems accurately and intuitively. She gets to the bottom of things and recognizes what is needed in each moment.

My Style

approaching – designating – pragmatic

Working Languages

german – english

How to reach me


My Passion

How potentials can be released anew and one’s own effectiveness can be increased is of great interest to me. This applies to individuals as well as to teams and organizations. I like to support and challenge. Going into depth in a precise and process-oriented way to find out what is needed for a change is always an exciting, multifaceted transformation journey. When interrelationships become tangible, understandable and thus changeable in dialogue, my heart always opens up.

What I can do for you


  • Learning Journeys
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Development Programme
  • Coaching

Team Development

  • Executive Team Coaching
  • Empowerment for Teams
  • Team Development


Trainer and coach since 2005

Six years as personnel developer and head of training in two medium-sized companies with management responsibility (disciplinary and in projects)

Business psychologist and qualified social pedagogue with a focus on adult education

Professional Training

Coaching Training (Hephaistos)

Masterclass Coaching (Hephaistos)

Qualification Consulting in Organizations

Certification Hogan Assessment