Dr. Ulrike

Senior Consultant (Freelancer)

Ulrike is the competent and confident companion for individual resilience strengthening, a sustainable investment to cope with change & challenge.

My Style

profound – personal – strengthening

Working Languages

german – english

How to reach me



My Passion

I am inspired when the resilience of the individual as well as the team grows through overcoming crises and when success is combined with joy in working together through psychological security.

Our ability to adapt to constantly and ever more rapidly changing circumstances is essential for survival. The key competence for this is resilience and this can be trained. It leads to an inquisitive attitude, Growth Mindset, which allows us to accept the challenges of the time and grow precisely because of it. Teams and ideas thrive in trusting and joint cooperations. This requires critical reflection and a “know why”. Arousing enthusiasm for spiraling growth processes has contagious potential.

Mental Health Awareness is the best prevention of stress-associated illness and my essential demand on modern, people-oriented work environments.

My “Wellbeing Formula”: Mental Health = Resilience through Coping with Change & Challenge & Overcoming Crisis through “Growth-Mindset” Attitude in an Atmosphere of Psychological Safety.

What I can do for you


  • Coaching
  • Resilience training


Dr. med., study of human medicine in Mainz, Approbation 1987

Many years of management responsibility, most recently as senior physician at university hospital

Medical and clinical scientific work at several university clinics and at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry with a doctorate at the LMU Munich on a stress-associated topic; lecturer at the Institute for Therapy Research in Kiel (training institute for psychologists)

Since 2002 self-employed with private medical specialist practice in Günzburg     

Since 2012 freelance business coach, since 2013 for Consulting Impact GmbH Munich

Professional Training

Medical quality management (BLÄK) with subsequent organizational consulting on QM

Behavioral therapy (IVS Nuremberg),

Interpersonal therapy, idiolectics,

Hypnotherapy (DGH);

Strategic Business Coaching (CIP Munich)