Dr. Franziska


With her versatile experience and extensive scientific knowledge, Franziska supports you in a goal-oriented manner on various levels. Extensive involvement and participative structures as well as clear, target group oriented communication in the design of change are, in her view, the factors that promote success.

My Style

solution-oriented – strong implementation – holistic thinking

Working Languages

german – english

How to reach me



My Passion

Commitment of individuals in the context of collaboration with others is the driver for creativity and pragmatism at the same time. As a result, diverse teams come up with the best possible solutions for the organization. Above all, if joy and fun are integrated in the everyday life of team collaboration, the development of the self and the organization is enhanced. Being able to make an essential contribution as a consultant and coach in this context is the driving force behind my work.

What I can do for you


  • Accompaniment of Change- und Transformation
  • Design of complex Change architecture
  • Transformation consulting for decision makers
  • Design and Moderation of participative large group formats


  • Design and Implementation of blended learning formats
  • Outline and Implementation of learning nuggets and holistic learning journeys
  • Development of specific gamification approaches up to serious games

Team Development

  • Empowerment for Teams
  • Team Coaching


Leadership, management and consulting experience
since 2011 (Head of Department Blended-Learning & Consulting, Consultant)

Studies | Environmental and Occupational Health and Applied Psychology (PhD), Consumer Psychology (MSc)

Publications | Increasing Workers’ Health and Safety Engagement (2021), Identifying management practices that drive production-line workers’ engagement through qualitative analysis (2021), For want of a nail (2020)

Professional Training

Master Coach

Gallup Strength Finder Coach

Business Trainer (SHB)

MRG Leadership Effectiveness Analysis Coach