Executive Team Coaching

In executive teams, complexity increases and conflicting interests inevitably create centrifugal forces. At the same time, it is critical for the organization that the top level agree on a line and implementation strategy. To do this, directions must be conceived, initiatives developed, and roles clarified to build a functional management team. We act as impartial consultants and accompany executive teams on this path. Either specifically in individual situations or over a long period of time.

What Can We Do For You

  • Facilitation and moderation of particularly critical meetings and workshops
  • Team development executive teams
  • All-party consulting and support
  • Clarification support in tense and turbulent phases
  • Executive coaching
  • Management consulting on strategy, organizational and cultural development


A Learning Journey

Empowerment for Teams is a learning journey for all those who are concerned with agility, autonomous working and emporia. The goal of the learning journey is to enable employees for working in empowered teams.

The learning journey combines different methodological approaches: Trainings (F2F or virtual), peer group exchange, transfer support and impulses.

Participants experience the principles of agility and empowerment and learn essential methods for working in successful teams.

What Can We Do For You

Open Training for Companies

  • Participants from different parts of the company.
  • 3 attendance days.
  • 3 peer group meetings.

Training for Teams

  • Participants of a fixed team.
  • Attendance days and coaching can be adapted here as part of team development.


Team Development

Today our world is changing faster, the challenges for teams are getting bigger and thus the efficient and purposeful cooperation within teams is getting more and more important. 

For team development there are tons of theoretical models as a basis, yet we are convinced that it is important for teams today to know their goals, their purpose and identity and to have all the competencies they need to achieve their goals. 

The basis for the cooperation is a trustful cooperation, that everyone in the team has the possibility to live his or her identity. 

To create this and to ensure the best support of the team, results from the team dynamics, which for us gives all the indications for the appropriate interversion, in order to represent a good communication, collaboration and efficient cooperation with clear committent for the goal achievement. 

For this purpose, we provide impartial advice and support the teams on their way. Every team is different, and picking up the teams where they are is one of the success factors for a successful collaboration.

What Can We Do For You

  • All-party consulting and support of disciplinary teams, project teams, cross-functional teams.
  • Facilitation and moderation of team workshops and events. 
  • Team coaching and support of the development process through all phases.
  • Moderation of retrospectives and feedback events. 
  • Support in the strategic alignment and implementation of the corporate culture in the team.