Leadership Summits

Leadership summits are the modern campfires in companies. This is where the key people meet and shape the path to the future. This is how a common identity and culture are created. We develop target images and generate energy. As large-scale events, Leadership Summits have a special significance for transformations.

The ingredients for successful Leadership Summits: relevant strategic insights, inspiring speakers, an authentic staging and a powerful dialogue.

We support you in the conception and moderation of Leadership Summits.

What Can We Do For You

Storyline and Concept

  • Development of the conference concept.
  • Development of individual formats such as panel discussion, interaction or break-out sessions.
  • Setting up the accompanying communication.


  • Moderation of the conference and individual formats.

Speaker Coaching

  • Support in developing inspiring speeches.
  • Stage coaching for speakers.


Change Management

Shaping change successfully with people. The goal of our work is the practical and participatory implementation of change with people. In doing so, we focus on shaping relationships and communication.

The occasions for change are manifold: re-organization, introduction of new processes and systems, establishment of new ways of working, cultural initiatives or post-merger integration. Change Management is the meaningful psychological and social accompaniment of change processes in a project context.

We support you in developing and implementing an effective and structured change model.

What Can We Do For You

Diagnosis and Design

  • Change-Impact-Analysis: where is the greatest need for action.
  • Target picture: joint development of a sustainable picture of the future.
  • Change architecture: roadmap for change.


  • Change coaching for managers: leadership in change.
  • Change workshop: supporting teams in the concrete design of change.
  • Conflict moderation: constructive resolution of conflicts during change.
  • Change communication: systematic communication with all target groups.
  • Learning Journeys: customized learning format for building future competencies.


Organizational Development

When a change project is not enough. Strategy and business model changes often require a system change. We shape this change with the approach of organizational development. We accompany you to take your organization to the next level.

Companies need a clear purpose and strategy. Organizational forms that skillfully combine stability and flexibility. A corporate culture and competencies that deal with constant uncertainty and change. Leadership that develops strategy and culture.

We are your partner on the long haul to shape these elements. With a deep understanding of organizations and a sharp diagnostic eye, we work with you to identify your potential. Involving your employees and leaders, we unleash energy for growth.

What Can We Do For You

Management Consulting

  • Organizational diagnosis: is your organization fit for future?
  • Future workshop: Development of a target image for organization, culture and collaboration.

Organizational Development

  • Purpose and mission statement development.
  • Strategic narrative development.
  • Culture development.
  • Emergent Change: supporting the pioneers of change.

Modern HR

HR is the future function of the organization. This is where talent is recruited and retained, managers are developed, changes are accompanied, and key functions are filled. In this process, HR acts at least as a strong partner – or even better – as a pilot for the organization. We advise HR managers on the strategic orientation of their unit, on the design of an organizational structure and develop the HR team.

What Can We Do For You

HR Organizational Development

  • Sparring for HR managers.
  • Strategy development HR.
  • Organizational structure HR.
  • Team development and collaboration for HR leadership teams.
  • HR customer centricity with service design thinking.
  • HR product development.

Competence Development

  • HR Business Partner Qualification.
  • Organization Design for HR Business Partner.
  • Consulting skills for HR.