Development Programs

Development programs are the corporate platforms to make key people fit for the future. The programs are tailor-made for top talents, executives or top performers. We develop modern modular programs in close partnership with our customers. In this way, we succeed in combining the goals and topics of the organization with the individual needs of the participants.

What Can We Do For You

  • Modular designs for modern development programs – in close partnership with the customer organization
  • International talent and trainee programs
  • Executive development
  • Qualification programs for change managers and top performers in cross-functional and project roles


X-Company Programs

Learning from each other – learning with each other – thinking ahead. A development program jointly organized by several companies. Organized and designed by Consulting Impact. A group consists of participants from different companies. We create a framework of trust in which development is possible. The participants exchange experiences and advise each other.

What Can We Do For You

  • External Peer Reflection: Leadership and peer counseling for the next generation of leaders.
  • Team Coaching: Guiding and developing teams – a program for HR and Agile Coaches.
  • Empowering Leadership: Thinking Leadership Ahead – a program for Executive Leaders.


Our coaching understanding is based on the fact that change is “normal”.

Even though people like to contribute their performance and potential in a value-creating way, unconscious processes often make sustainable behavioral change difficult. 

By promoting self-reflection and self-awareness in coaching, our clients self-directedly expand their scope of action and develop their own future-oriented solutions.

In the professional context, we thus create a value-free, safe space and jointly analyze complex situations and contexts for new perspectives.

What We Can Do For You

  • Leadership coaching: living the leadership role.
  • Executive Coaching: 360 degree sparring.
  • Change Coaching: accepting and shaping change.
  • Talent Coaching: developing high potentials.
  • Conflict coaching: calmness in dealing with conflicts.
  • Career coaching: identifying strengths and making decisions.
  • Impact coaching: increase personal impact in communication.
  • Resilience Coaching: support for people under stress.

Learning Journeys

Learning when I want, where I want and how I want. Digitalization is creating new opportunities for training and coaching. Learning journeys provide a framework for self-directed learning. Consulting Impact’s coaches are travel companions. Based on our experience as leadership coaches, we provide thought-provoking impulses, create new spaces for experience and impart methods. Design and delivery of innovative trainings with leadership expertise.

What Can We Do For You

Development of Learning Journeys

  • We develop customized learning journeys to fit your situation.

Learning Journeys

  • Driving Development: with coaching to sustainable development.
  • Surviving the Matrix: becoming effective in networked organizations.
  • Hybrid Working: the right balance between virtual and face-to-face work.

Empowering Leadership

Effective leadership is based on empowerment. Leaders create a framework for action in which others can work independently. Leaders coach employees and teams and create the conditions for self-organization.

We support managers in their own personal and competence development. New ways of working also require a new approach to learning. We combine coaching, self-awareness, knowledge transfer and peer coaching.

What Can We Do For You

  • Leadership Coaching: from expert for topics to expert for people.
  • Leadership Team Development: living a new understanding of leadership together.
  • Leadership Programs: design and implementation of leadership development programs.
  • Empowering Leadership: an X-Company program for leaders.